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Cultural Practices

and Healthy Living


Helping students achieve higher learning.

Cultural Practices

Perpetuating our cultural values.

Healthy Living

Promoting healthy lifestyles.

Moana Nui Youth Culture Camp

Annual Moana Nui Youth Culture Camp

Annual Events

Moana Nui Utah hostsĀ 2 important annual events: Scholarship Lu’au Banquet in May and a Youth Culture & Education Camp in August.

2013 Moana Nui Scholarship Receipents

TMK Recipient-Kingston Matua

TMK Recipient-Selesitila Tenney

MNU Recipient-Mikayah Siufanua

MNU Recipient-Sandy Kanuch

MNU Recipient-Leone Tunuufi

MNU Recipient-Katrina Scanlan

MNU Recipient-Amber Stevenson

MNU Recipient-Keana Nonu

MNU Recipient-Kia Kinikini

MNU-Rachel Hendrickson

MNU Recipient-Jeffrey Fau’olo

MNU Recipient-Kira Ho Ching

MNU Recipient-Alabama Unga

Deferred TMK Recipient-Charles Tu’ua Jr.

Deferred TMK Recipient-George Ngatuvai